‘Let me kindly congratulate you for the work you are doing for this journal. We are missing in the Orthodox world of Eastern Europe what you are doing for this journal, so I hope the journal will have a long life and it will soon reach a high rank in the academia.’ 2017

‘My congratulations - it's wonderful! Not only are the articles of high quality but the physical appearance of the journal is superb. A lot of thought has obviously gone into the aesthetics. I like the colour, layout and typeface, which make Analogia particularly easy to read, which is not something that can be said about every journal. The thematic nature of the issue is also a good point.’ 2016

Analogia looks solid and promising.’ 2017

‘Congratulations on this new and important and handsomely produced publication! All of the articles were of high quality and it's obvious that the journal has gotten off to a good start. I hope it reaches a large readership, and that it continues to get solid contributions.’ 2017