Dr Constantinos Athanasopoulos, FHEA, is a Research Affiliate with the Department of Philosophy, Open University and he has been teaching Philosophy and Religious Studies with the Open University since 2005 (previously he taught philosophy in Universities in Scotland, Greece and Italy). He has published four books in Greece (two with the Hellenic Open University, one in its second edition). He is the co-editor in Divine Essence and Divine Energies: Ecumenical Reflections on the Presence of God in Eastern Orthodoxy, edited by C. Athanasopoulos and C. Schneider (James Clarke & Co, 2013), and the editor in Triune God: Incomprehensible but Knowable— The Philosophical and Theological Significance of St Gregory Palamas for Contemporary Philosophy and Theology, edited by Constantinos Athanasopoulos, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015. He has published in many international philosophical journals and Encyclopedias. He is one of the founding members of the Palamas Seminar, a collaborative research team that studies and publishes on topics related to St Gregory Palamas' work and legacy.


Fr Alexandros Chouliaras is a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Theology of the Vrije Universiteit (VU, Amsterdam Centre for Orthodox Theology [ACOT]). The title of his dissertation is The Anthropology of St Gregory Palamas: the Image of God, the Spiritual Senses, and the Human Body (submitted for defence; main supervisor: Fr Andrew Louth). He holds a BA in Theology, a BA in Finance and Economics, and an MA in Patristic Theology. For his studies he received scholarships from various sponsors. His written work has been published (or approved for publication) in international academic journals (peer review), as well as other well-established journals and edited volumes. Fr Alexandros serves as a parish priest in the Holy Metropolis of Mesogaia and Lavreotiki (Athens, Greece).


Prof. Georgi Kapriev, DSc, is a graduate of the Sofia University 'St. Climent Ohridski' in Philosophy and teaches there. He has studied also in Cologne and Paris. He is a member of the International Society for Study of the Mediaeval Philosophy (S.I.E.P.M.) – 2002-2012 President of the Commission 'Byzantine Philosophy' of the S.I.E.P.M.; of the Society for Study of the Philosophy of the Middle Ages and Renaissance in Germany (GPMR); a co-founder of the European Graduate School for Ancient and Mediaeval Philosophy (EGSAMP). He is the author of 21 books and editor of 20 editions. Editor-in-chief of Co-editor of Archiv für mittelalterliche Philosophie und Kultur, Bibliotheca Christiana et al.


Fr Antoine Lévy is Professor at the University of Eastern Finland (School of Theology) and Director of the Helsinki Studium Catholicum. He was born in Paris in 1962. Fr Antoine is the author of a monograph on St Maximus the Confessor and St Thomas Aquinas, and has published journal articles in French, English, and Finnish on a variety of subjects including Patristics, Medieval theology, Orthodox spirituality, Russian political philosophy, and Messianic Judaism. He is also a member of the Roman Catholic-Messianic Jewish Dialogue Group.


Ivana Noble is a professor of Ecumenical Theology at Charles University in Prague, a priest in the Hussite Church, and a former president of Societas Oecumenica. She is author of Accounts of Hope: A Problem of Method in Postmodern Apologia (2001); Tracing God: Theology as an Interpretation of Religious Experience (in Czech, 2004; in English 2010); Theological Interpretation of Culture in Post-Communist Context: Central and East European Search for Roots (2010); and a co-author of Ways of Orthodox Theology to the West in the 20th Century (in Czech, 2012; in English 2015, in Russian 2016); Wrestling with the Mind of the Fathers in (Post)Modern Orthodox Theology (2015); and The Many Voices of the 20th Century Orthodox Theology in the West (2015).